Sarah Barbour worked with my novel doing substantive edits.  She came up with tons of extremely helpful suggestions that I think really improved the overall flow of the novel.  She was prompt in returning the initial and edited drafts to me, and she responded to all my emails usually same day.  She was a pleasure to work with.  Thanks, Sarah!
—Annabelle Costa

After completing a study skills book aimed at a college audience, I needed a developmental editor who would be able to tell me whether the manuscript was coherent, readable and effective. Sarah’s experience as a proofreader of technical papers and her work as a copy editor at a prestigious university made her the perfect candidate.

Sarah really took the time to think about how the student audience would see my book and what they would need from it. She pointed out several key areas where the manuscript could be strengthened and even suggested whole new ways of doing things which had never occurred to me. The book has been significantly improved, thanks to Sarah’s insights.
—John Henderson
Author of Essay Questions Decoded (forthcoming)

Sarah did a great job editing my first book. It was a true story and a difficult subject for me to write about. Sarah did exactly what I needed her to do. She gave my story structure, flow and pace, and offered wise counsel when it was needed. Her efforts transformed a merely interesting story into a captivating read.
—Jim Graham
Author of You Could Be Next

Sarah is a fantastic editor. Her turn around time is incredible and I have never had any readers complain about a book she has edited. Her prices are extremely reasonable, which is important for me since I put work out quickly and on a regular basis. She has always been professional and has responded to emails with questions I have the very same day I send them. I really enjoy working with her and if you are looking for a good and professional editor to work with, Sarah is definitely it.
—Arvel Amaya

After seeing only a sample chapter of proofreading from Sarah, I was impressed. She’d taken the time to familiarize herself with the location I was writing about, found an error in the spelling of the location I wouldn’t have figured out if you gave me three years, and corrected a variety of missteps I made. When I got the finished manuscript back, I found the same consistent attention to detail, both in the grammatical and the editorial. She made (extremely) helpful suggestions to make the passages flow better, discovered technical errors, and made the book worlds better. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who was looking for a careful pair of eyes to check over their work.
—Robert J. Crane
Robert J. Crane’s Amazon page

I fear grammar like other people fear hairy spiders.  Finding Sarah was a big deal for me.  She was thorough and quick.  Her suggestions were easy to understand and implement.  Best of all, she removed my fear of receiving the “UGH!  The grammar in this book just KILLED me!” review.  I now feel more confident in my novel.
—Libby Heily

Sarah is absolutely amazing and incredible. She looks through my stories with a keen eye and makes suggestions that will make my writing flow better. She is so incredibly patient with me! I highly recommend her services. Her turnaround time is amazing and she keeps you up-to-date with questions, concerns, and pretty much anything between. You can’t get any better than her.
—Vera Roberts
Vera Robert’s Amazon Page

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