The Fine Print

Notes on how, when and what:

Sample Edits
Working hours
Rush Jobs
Deposits & Payment Methods

Sample Edits: For new clients, I will edit 1000 words at no charge so that we can both get a sense of each other’s work. Usually I will be able to get your sample back to you within 48 hours, but this will depend on what other jobs I’m working on. Please e-mail me before you send the sample, letting me know if you want a proofread or a copy edit, and I’ll let you know when I’ll be able to get it back to you.

Communication: I have a home office, so I’m reluctant to give out my phone number until I know you really well. In the meantime, e-mail is my preferred method of communication. If at some point, you feel that a phone call or a Skype session would help your work, let me know and we’ll set something up.

Working hours: I try to stick to working Monday through Friday 9-5, Pacific Standard Time. I don’t usually respond to e-mails outside of that time. I will try to get back to any questions/issues within one working day of receiving your e-mail.

Rush Jobs: If you need something back super-quick, let me know. Typically, I will add a surcharge of 25-50%, depending on the length of work, how quickly you need it back, how busy I am with other work, etc.

Deposits & Payment Methods: For jobs of 30,000 words or more, I ask for a 25% deposit before I get started. Paypal is generally the easiest form of payment for everyone, but if that’s a problem, let me know and we can work out an alternative.

Formats: Generally, I prefer to work with MS Word documents using the Review/Track Changes function. This allows you to see your document with and without the changes I’ve suggested and gives you the opportunity to choose or discard each suggestion as you read through my edits. However, if your work is already formatted, you may prefer to send me a PDF file. I can use Adobe Acrobat to leave comments and suggest changes. It’s not as flexible as MS Word, but it’s preferable if you need me to check the formatting as well as the text.

I also have Illustrator and InDesign. If your work is laid out in either of these programs, I’m more than happy to make changes in them.

Erotica: I’m frequently asked if I will edit erotica. The short answer is yes. I’ve worked with writers such as Arvel Amaya and Vera Roberts, and as long as we’re in the realm of consenting adults, I’m quite comfortable with a variety of genres (m/f, m/m, BDSM, etc.). However, I do have limits: I won’t do snuff or crush porn (killing or torturing people or animals for pleasure) or pedophilia. They may be just fantasies, but they’re fantasies I don’t want in my head. Thanks for understanding.

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