For Editors


Almost since I started freelancing, other freelancing hopefuls have been approaching me to ask me how I got started, where the jobs are, and what to charge. I’ve seen the same questions pop up over and over again on discussion boards. I wrote The Copy Editor’s Guide to Working with Indie Authors: How to Find Clients, Market Yourself & Build Your Business in hopes of giving fledgling freelance editors a base from which to build their businesses. This short book is the perfect starting point for anyone trying to break into freelance editing. And if you’re already freelancing, this book will introduce you to one of the fast-growing editorial markets.

In addition to drawing on my own experience, I surveyed more than 75 independent authors about what they look for when hiring a new editor—and what will make them hire someone again.

In this book, you will learn:

* how to find clients: Included is a list of ways to find clients along with detailed notes on how to approach them so that you don’t waste valuable time on leads that go nowhere;
* how to set firm but fair rates by studying your competition and understanding your market so that both you and your clients are getting a fair deal;
* how to build a loyal following of repeat customers by understanding and delivering what your clients want (it’s more than just good grammar) so that you can spend less time marketing and more time earning;
* how to get your freelance business off the ground: the tools, strategies and skills you need—and just as importantly, the ones you don’t need—so that you can focus your time and money where they’re most valuable.

This information-packed guide will help get your business off the ground so you can start earning money quickly.